Camping Weekend

Well Travis, Kaed, Fable, and Shiloh (our aunt and uncle’s dog) left for camping on Friday morning, expecting to spend the whole weekend out there, when our plans got ruined by a bunch of party folks. Friday night none of us got ANY sleep due to a huge party that was happening just down the way from us. They played loud music till at least 4am. Now I understand that peopel want to go out and have a good time, but honestly, have a little bit of respect for your fellow campers! Oh how I wanted someone to go shut them up, but as we were camping out on Crown Land, there isn’t exactly any noise rules. Sigh… oh well. Needless to say we decided it wasn’t worth spending another night out there (all day saturday more and more cars arrived at that party camp site) so we spent the rest of the day out there and then headed home after dinner. We had a good time the rest of the time though!

Here you can see that Kaed is a little bit interested in his hands now. haha. all’s he does is stare at them all day long, it’s quite funny to watch!

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