Sleeping Through the Night?

Well Kaed slept for a whole… wait for it… 8.5 hours last night! Woo Hoo! from 9:45 till 6:15am. It was wonderful. It would have been better however, if Trav hadn’t been on call for work, and the phone hadn’t rung at 4am! Grrrr… the first time I could have gotten a solid 8 hours of sleep and BAM! someone has to ruin that! sigh… oh well, what can you do? I kind of think though, that Kaed’s long sleep had more to do with the fact that he has a cold right now rather than the fact that he is ready to sleep through the night, but maybe, *cross your fingers* he will
We had some nice thundershowers this evening, which resulted in an incredible rainbow! Always nice to see good after-effects of rain, besides of course the blessing of having it cool off for the night.
Kaed would be able to sit up on his own all the time, if he ever got sick of playing with his feet!
hanging out with dad and the dogs
learning how to hold my bottle with ice cold water…. my favorite teething relief.
sleeping so peacefully!
tonights beautiful rainbow!

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