Camping Trip

This weekend Travis, Kaed, Meg, Syd, Rosie, Suzanne, and Michael all went camping near Innisfail AB… at a place called Dickson Dam. Meg, Travis, Kaed, Fable and I headed out there around noon on Friday, even though it was raining, and we pretty much froze ourselves overnight, but had a good time. Saturday morningish everyone else showed up and we all had a great time together. Saturday was sunny and moderately hot, so Suzy and Meg and I went swimming. It was SO NICE. I have not been swimming in so long, and it just made me happy!

Here are a couple of pics!

3 thoughts on “Camping Trip

  1. Megan

    Camping is amazing, isn’t it. So excited that you’re blogging, and I can check up on Kaed another way than facebook. Blogging is soo much better!! We really need to hook up. It’s pretty sad that we both live in the city… and I still haven’t met your sweet boy.

  2. Lady Patricia et al

    Hello Hilda and Travis and Kaed
    I just phoned your house to talk to you but your line was busy – so here goes the electronic thingy!!
    First of all – thank you so much for including us in your blogging – I really enjoy the pictures and keeping up with the family growth and adventures, including your extended family – our son!! and daughter – your sister. Kaed is becoming more and more handsome as he grows.
    How is the painting progressing?
    looks like your camping trip was fun – am so glad that you are taking Kaed on such adventures while he is young. Children may present special logistical challenges when camping, but they only enhance the experience!!
    Congratulations and Blessings on your 3rd anniversary (plus 2 daze). It is easy to remember because it is my mother’s birthday!!
    Keep on camping and enjoying God’s marvellous creation.
    God bless and much love from
    “Aunty Pat” and Eric and the ‘girls’.


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