Forgotten Blog

Well I realized today that I have been neglecting my blog! it’s been a long time since I added a new post, how sad!

So what is new… hmmm

Kaed is crawling! He also is very good at standing and holding onto furniture, our legs, etc. I won’t be suprised if he is one of those early walkers!

Calgary had it’s first real snowfall last night… odd seeing as yesterday we had a high of 20! Kaed and I spent the day walking around the zoo in t-shirts and then we wake up to snow this morning! Welcome to the weather of Calgary.

My mom has recently had an appointment with a specialist in Vancouver. A few months ago now she hurt her back and has been on bed rest the whole time. It looks like she should be able to get surgery in 6-8 weeks so that is great for her, but I just hope that it doesn’t fall over christmas! The other “good” thing about all that was that I got to go to smithers for 2 weeks to help her out! Kaed and I flew out there on September 8th I believe it was, and had a great time with Grandma! It was also nice to see a lot of my good friends while there.

Travis and I bought some paint for our kitchen last saturday, now I just need to find the time to actually do the painting! Kaed has been teething like mad the past few weeks (he has 4 teeth now!) so it’s been difficult to get anything done when he is cranky most of the time.
Oh! Travis shot his first deer with his bow this fall! He was pretty excited, as before that he had only really hunted with a rifle. He has really gotten into archery lately, and is even making his own longbow right now.

On a sad note, Brandi and Andrew moved back to Dawson Creek BC. For the past couple of years we have only lived an hour and half apart, so we’ve been able to see each other fairly regularily, but not there is a long distance between us so I’m not sure when we’ll see each other again. We were lucky to get to go to their goodbye party though, so that was a nice chance to say bye.

Well as far as I can remember that’s most of the recent news! Enjoy some pictures!

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Blog

  1. Megan

    Yay! I noticed that your blog was neglected, and it’s so fun to get an update. You know, since we live in the same city, we really should see each other some time. I’d love to meet your little boy (whose crawling already – crazy!). Hope that you’re doing well!

  2. Chelsey

    i noticed too! wow, thats a lot of news. Exciting news for me? Well, my brother moved to Dawesom creek so I will get to see brandi maybe…that woudl be cool


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