Halloween Fun!

This year was Kaed’s very first Halloween! We got him all dressed up, but, he ended up having nap time during the entire appropriate “trick or treating” time, so we never took him out. I did think though, that it would be a little weird to take him out when he can’t even eat the candy! haha. I kind of anticipated that he would be sleeping during that time though, so during the day I took him to the mall all dressed up to “trick or treat”. Mostly I just brought him into my old work and showed him off, but it was fun anyway. I can’t wait till next year when he can walk around and actually say “trick or treat!”

We ended up having 25 kids come to our door, which was about triple the amount we got last year, as last year it was around -15 outside!! It’s kind of nice to have a small number of kids come, because you still get the fun of handing out candy, but it also doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Well here are the pictures of our adorable Tigger!

I actually put off buying a pumpkin until the day of Halloween, so by then all the big pumpkins were sold out, so I got some tiny ones and carved them up. I thought they were cute!

And a video of Kaed the Tigger!

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