Ultrasound and Updates

A few new things to write about…

I had an ultrasound this morning, and it was different than the others I’ve had, they call it a 4-D ultrasound. They gave me a cd full of videos of our baby on it, so that’s pretty neat! Here’s a video to watch!

Kaed is growing faster and faster all the time. He recently started walking all over the place, which is pretty fun to watch! He loves to follow Fable around, as much as Fable may not love it all the time!!

Kaed has really shown a love to be outside, which is also amazing! Everytime we have a warm day outside we go! He loves to play out on the deck, which is great for me! We have a gate on it so I can just let him play out there and not have to worry about him walking away.

Everything seems to be going great so far in the pregnancy, I feel quite good now, and besides the lack of sleep I’ve been getting it’s been a good couple of weeks lately!

Trav’s parents are coming to visit this weekend which we are looking forward to very much! We are going to celebrate Kaed’s first birthday while they are here. Then the following weekend, Travis’ sister Shelly is coming to visit too! We are very excited about that since we haven’t seen her since her wedding in August.

Other than all of that, we are looking forward to Spring very much, and I think we are both very sick of this winter weather!

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