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Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve updated, I apologize! Life just gets so busy sometimes with a nearly 14 month old who wants to run around and play all the time!
Two weeks ago now we got back from a wonderful holiday to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico! Travis, Kaed, and I went and it was great chance to just be together as a family before life gets really busy when baby number 2 comes! We also decided that seeing as this next baby comes right in the middle of summer, and therefore right in the middle of camping season, we wouldn’t be able to get near as much holiday time in this year as we usually do, so a holiday now seemed like a great plan! And it was! We had amazing weather the whole time we were there. Not a cloud in the sky! Our resort was great, and as it was the week after spring break, EMPTY! Sometimes it felt like we nearly had the place to ourselves. It was so great. Kaed did really well on both flights and he LOVED being outside all the time. He had trouble sleeping at nights but for the most part he was very easy to have along!
We are now only 3 short months away from my due date and time is slipping away quickly! We have yet to clear out Kaed’s new room (which is currently our office/my scrapbooking “studio”), paint it, get a bed for him, and get him moved! We would like to have him settled in the new room long before the new baby comes to make the transition for him (and us!) as easy as possible!
We’ve had some great weather, and some not so great weather since we got back from Mexico. Last weekend we had +23! It was wonderful, but this weekend, the forcast is SNOW, SNOW, SNOW! GRRR. I guess it will be a good weekend to get stuff done in the house.
Well here are some pictures of mexico, and recent life!

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