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I suppose it’s time I updated this thing seeing as we now have a new addition to the family! Brayer Quinn was born at 12:15pm on July 24th. He weighed in at 7lbs 15oz and measured 20.5 inches long. So slightly chubbier than Kaed was but a bit shorter! Labour went a lot faster and better this time around as they only used breaking my water to induce me, rather than pumping me full of labour inducing drugs that make everything more painful and difficult!

Brayer is now 2 weeks old and doing great. He’s put on lot’s of weight already and is generally a pretty happy baby. He does have a temper though! When he wants something he just SCREAMS. It will be interesting to see how his personality differs from Kaed’s.

Just before they broke my water.

Brayer Quinn only minutes old.

A proud papa holding his second son! He sure was glad he got another boy, being the only boy in his family he always wanted his sons to have brothers. I’m glad he got his wish but I hope next time around it’s a girl!

Me with my boys a few hours after Brayer was born. One nice thing about having him in the middle of the day was that Kaed got to see him right away.

The details of his birth from his bassinett. I wish I had remembered to take this peice of paper but at least I have a picture of it!

sleeping soundly.

Kaed really likes to be where Brayer is, even if that means climbing into (and sometimes on top of) his bassinett.

Wide awake and very alert!

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