Baked Pasta Casserole

MMMMMMM if you want a super easy, quick, cheesy, goey casserole, check out this recipe:

We had this for dinner tonight, and I managed to get it made with a crying baby in one hand and a toddler hanging onto my legs yelling to be picked up. It turned out great and the only thing I would change next time would be to add some chicken.
Lately we’ve been having lot’s of vegetarian dishes and frankly…. I’m getting sick of it! However, hunting season starts this weekend so hopefully we will have some meat in the freezer again! I know, I know, I could go and just BUY some meat, but honestly when you’re used to wild game, beef and pork just don’t cut it!!! I’m sad to say I won’t be the one bringing home the meat this year, could be a little difficult to hunt down an animal with a newborn screaming his head off, so it’s up to Travis to feel the freezer once again!
On a happy note… our car is currently for sale and once it sells it’s a new compound bow for me!

And on a humorous note, this evening Kaed decided to steal my container of lip balm and smear it all throughout his hair. He is currently at Home Depot with his dad and Uncle Syd with very greasy hair. Lucky me gets to wash it out when he gets home.

I also wanted to share with you what has given me extra hands when I have a cranky baby. It’s a ring sling that I made. There are so many “designer” slings out there right now and they all cost upwards of $40 and this one cost me approximately $7 to make. It was EASY too. Here’s a link to the website that has the pattern and directions I used.

And here’s a shot or two of Brayer hanging out in it.

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  1. shelly

    I was just thinking about your sling the other day and if it turned out well, because I saw some in a store. I’m glad you got it the way you want it. It’s such a great idea. I see them all the time.


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