A couple weeks ago I bought myself a yogurt maker. I’ve been wanting to make my own for quite some time now, but was finding it difficult to find a maker! Apparently making your own yogurt is a lost art. I finally found one at The Happy Cooker kitchen store, and I love it. It has 8 small resealable jars which is great because you can just eat right out of the jar, or take it with you for lunch or a snack. The maker I got is made by Donvier and you can see it here.
The first batch I made I made with powdered milk and found that it was a bit grainy so I tried it again with whole milk. Now I am not at all afraid of using full fat versions of all things dairy, but feel free to try making it with skim milk if you like the low fat version better. The second batch by the way, was fantastic. Great flavor, great texture, and the best part? You know the ingredients, no added preservatives, sugar, etc. Tonight Kaed and I enjoyed a bowl with raspberries mixed in and it was delicious!

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  1. Jenn

    Hilda, we got a yogurt maker for our engagement party and still haven’t used it. One day (when I have more energy) I will pull it out and try it. It’s something you kinda forget about cuz it’s not something you are used to using. But thanx for reminding me … sounds fun now :)


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