Crafty Day

Today I finally got around to making the foam bath toys I’ve been meaning to make for the boys. Basically I just bought some foam sheets from Michaels and cut out some shapes and letters. I thought about doing the whole alphabet but settled instead for just the boys’ names. I didn’t exactly feel up to cutting out THAT many letters!

The letters and shapes were a hit! Kaed loved them. He had a grand time sticking them to the sides of the bath, and the walls, and himself! I’ll have to make up a few more sets for my friends kids considering I still have a huge stack of foam sheets left.

I also decided to spiff up my wipes container. I recently put a huggies plastic container in my bathroom filled with rags so that I can just quick wet them before I use them to wipe the boys’ bums… it looked better than just having a stack of rags sitting on the counter, but still looked pretty tacky. I wasn’t a huge fan of the peter pan pattern for our bathroom. Soooo, I took the container and some scrapbook paper I liked, along with some brown paint and modge podged it all together! I took a picture but it’s kinda fuzzy, and to be honest I’m just too tired to take another one and upload it right now so fuzzy you get!

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