Booties for Briea

I finally finished a pair of booties for my best friend’s new baby girl, Briea. They aren’t perfect, one is a little wider than the other, but honestly… these things are not easy to make!!! It took me 4 tries to get 2 that matched!

If you want to try making these yourself, and let me know if you figure out any secrets to making them turn out exactly the same each time, go here for the pattern at Stardustshoes.

2 thoughts on “Booties for Briea

  1. Katie

    I tried making those same shoes a couple years ago and failed miserably!!!!!! I pulled them out of my scrap pile last week to show my mom and she knew immediately what I had done wrong. She said to try hand sewing them together first and then to go in with the sewing machine, and to go as slowly as possible with the sewing machine….. Good job on yours, they turned out a lot better than mine!


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