Purees, Bags, and Vampires??

I recently decided to give Jessica Seinfeld’s book Deliciously Deceptive a try so I took the book out of the library, read it all, and made my shopping list. Then I tackled the job of making a whack load of purees. I haven’t decided if it was a mistake or not. I’m sure I’ll be thankful I did it, but believe me, 5 and half hours of chopping, steaming, blending, cooling, and portioning is not fun any day, nevermind on a day when you have a toddler ripping around begging to “help” and an infant crying to be fed every hour! I honestly never expected it to take so long, but I didn’t want to only do a tiny bit and have to make some more up in a couple days again. Plus I figured if we didn’t like any of the recipes I would just feed the purees to Brayer when he starts eating food in a couple months.
I ended up making beets, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, and butternut squash. I now have a freezer full of purees for meals and baking, as well as a bunch of jars of baby food made. I suppose it was worth it…

I got a couple more bags started today. It’s amazing how much faster a sewing project, or any project for that matter is once you’ve made a couple. Now I just have to restrain myself from trying to make them without looking at the instructions, I guarantee I would mess up if I did that but the temptation is still there.
Here’s a couple of christmas cards I’ve been working on… still have to get the letter written, envelopes addressed, pictures added, etc.

On a totally different note… have any of you gone to see Twilight yet? I went on opening weekend with my two sisters and can I just say that it fullfilled everything my once teenage heart loved? I really did enjoy all four books in the Twilight series, and I was a little sceptical about the movie after seeing the trailer the first couple of times, but I actually really enjoyed it once I saw it! In the books I’m a huge fan of Jacob, but the movie made me really appreciate Edward more. Could that have anything to do with Robert Pattinson? I think maybe….

2 thoughts on “Purees, Bags, and Vampires??

  1. Shelly

    Wow, that’s a lot of puree. What do you use it in for baking?

    No! Not that guy! I can’t stand him and I haven’t even seen the movie. I think it’s because I’ve seen 2 interviews with him and he was the worst interview I’ve ever seen. But maybe he’s good in the movie.

  2. Kara

    Holy smokes, you’re a machine. that is a ton of puree.

    and I know nothing about those books, the movie, or that guy. I think that’s for the best. :)


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