Nearly There

We have been busy trying to get all our christmas presents made and wrapped and ready for Christmas and I think we are nearly there!

I sewed up some mini aprons for my friend Nicole’s little girls and they turned out so cute! There’s really nothing cuter than a little girl wearing an apron is there? I did one with a pink heart and one with a brown, just in case they decided later on they wanted to each have their own. I wanted to embroider the first initial of their names onto the hearts but I have yet to learn how to do that!

I finished up a couple more presents for the family but you’ll have to wait till after Christmas to see those pictures. I just have one more present to finish up and then think of something for Travis yet. Why is it that the one person you know the best is often the hardest to find a present a for? If I could just go out and buy something for him it might be easier, but I want to honestly say that I’ve made every single one of the presents this year so that’s not an option!

Maybe I should get this picture blown up and framed for his office… that would be a real hit! (for those of you out there who don’t know Travis, he would NEVER, I repeat NEVER put a framed picture in his office). Now that I think about it though, it would be a good gag gift.

5 thoughts on “Nearly There

  1. Kara

    Have I told you lately that you are my hero? :)

    And also, the idea of you giving Travis a framed photo of the two of “smooching” to put in his office makes me laugh one of those evil laughs…. I would love to see that reaction.


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