Happy New Year!

I wonder how many blogs have that as their title of today’s post…. most of the ones I read regularily sure did!
So I’m back from holidays, unfortunately but what can you do? Life has to continue at some point. We spent 10 days in Saskatchewan with Travis’ family and it was great. Lot’s of food, wii, chocolate, and candy were to be had by all. We opened presents on Christmas Eve, as is tradition for both mine and Trav’s family and we all got spoiled. I got an awesome new camera, a Canon PowerShot SX110IS you can see it here it is beautiful and takes great pictures. I’m about a quater of the way through the manual so I’ll have to make sure I get around to reading the rest of it.
I also got an inspiration board from my sister in law Kara, it’s done in beautiful Amy Butler fabric and it will be hanging in my sewing/crafting room as soon as Travis hangs it for me!

Kara also made me a notebook out of paper that’s been printed on one side. It’s great! It is going in the diaper bag so I can use it for all my lists and such.

I also got an Amy Butler sewing book from my sister in law Shelly, I can’t wait to try out all the projects. It’s called In Stitches
The boys got loaded with lots of toys and clothes and they look so cute in their new stuff. Kaed has been playing hockey non stop since we got home with his 3 hockey sticks!
Well my supper is cooking, bread is baking, and babies are needing attention, so more to come on Christmas and New Years tomorrow!

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