What I do With My Time

Whenever I have a few minutes to relax and sometimes when I don’t, I sit here at the computer and read blogs. So many blogs. I thought maybe I’d share my list of umm let’s go with 15 of my favorites.

Angry Chicken – possibly one of my all time favorites… lots of crafty and sewing stuff
mmmcrafts – another favorite, the name pretty much explains itself
Sew, Mama, Sew! – sewing blog of course
Craftzine – a list of different crafts around the web every day
the red thread – more sewing
How About Orange – another fav.. just check it out, it’s great
sugar city journal – so many pretty things…
Molly Chicken – more crafty/sewing (do you see a theme developing here?)
the long thread – again….
Buzzings of a Queen Bee – check out her brand new baby boy! he’s beautiful
My Bloggy Life – a new fav!
My Spare Time – lot’s of quilting
tiny happy – sewing
Keeping up with the Poelmans – follow the life of Maya and her parents!
David Lebovitz – mm food… mmm pictures of food….

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