More Christmas Gifts

I realized I still hadn’t posted all the gifts I had made for Christmas so I thought I’d do another post since my sister in law took some beautiful photos of some projects. The first is a guitar strap for my brother in law that Travis actually made, and the second is a calendar I made for him. He’s a pretty sweet musician so we wanted to make him things that suited him just right. If you want to check out his music you visit his myspace page here, or you can watch a video of him here .

Anyway so the calendar is a page for each of his favorite bands. Rather than show you every single page, here’s my 6 favorite.

** Okay so I’m noticing that for some reason none of the links are working so here’s the actual sites. and

3 thoughts on “More Christmas Gifts

  1. John McGown

    Thanks for the plug Hilda!
    I certainly love the gifts. I wanted a new calender pretty bad. And that strap is the most amazing thing ever!


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