not feeling very bloggy lately…

In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t been so great on the blog posts lately. It just doesn’t seem as though I have a lot to blog about! I’ll just give you all an update on the boys how about?

Brayer will be 7 months old tomorrow… where did the time go? He’s still not mobile which is more than fine with me. It’s great to be ablet o just put him down and know he’ll still be there when I get back! His physiotherapist thinks he will probably skip the rolling stage all together and go straight to crawling but who knows! (for those of you who don’t know why he sees a physiotherapist, Brayer has a condition called torticollis) Brayer is generally a very happy baby and he is quite content to just watch Kaed and Fable (the dog) run around.

Kaed will be 2 years old next saturday. Again, where did the time go? He’s going to have a Thomas the Tank Engine themed party, as he LOVES Thomas. He has two mini Thomas trains that he got from his auntie Shelly last summer and he carts them with him everywhere. And I do mean EVERYWHERE, to bed, outside, the grocery store…

I’m definately looking forward to throwing his party, he loves playing with kids so much now that I know he’ll have a great day.

Well there’s my updates on the boys! And here are some pictures of my cuties.

they both love books… thankfully!

Kaed really loves pancakes… that’s why I make them in bulk
***let me add that the bags below are now in my shop!

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