Master K. Turns Two

Kaed’s Oer Pake (great grandpa) sent him a card in the mail and titled him Master. K and I decided it fit him quite well. He does often seem to be the master around here!

He turned two yesterday. Where did the time go? Around this time two years ago I was bringing this tiny bundle home from the hospital and now he’s running around yelling at the top of his lungs and still over excited about his ridiculously huge hoard of Thomas the Tank Engine stuff he got yesterday.

Needless to say it was a great day filled with lot’s of cookies, cake, balloons, toys, and friends. Kaed had such a good time and got so overwhelmed he skipped his nap all together and just played trains all day. I’m glad he had fun.
A few more pics of my baby over the past couple of years….

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