i wonder what he’ll name him?

I made a new toy for my nephew, he turns one soon and I wanted to make him something boyish yet cute. Then I found a new blog… Revoluz3za and went straight to the “for boys” label. There I found such a cute little robot plushie, and although she didn’t have a tutorial I thought I’d try out anyway. The first one I made I wasn’t a fan of so it is currently residing in the boys’ toy bin and once Brayer grows tired of it I’m sure the dog will have a go at it. The second I liked much better (especially how his arms come out of his legs… only a robot could do that) and decided, while stuffing him, to put in a music box so he makes some noise. I sure hope he likes it! Kaed and Brayer have both been reaching for it so I’m guessing Michael will too.
Robot #1
Robot #2 – for my nephew

2 thoughts on “i wonder what he’ll name him?

  1. Shelly

    Those are halarious/awesome. I actually really like the yellow one too, I like the colours of him. Nicely done!

  2. Rosie

    I”m sure M will love him! and the yellow one is adorable too! :) And hte blue one is the same fabric as Otis the Taggy Monster :)


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