gotta write these things down

I keep on getting these great ideas of things to blog about and then I don’t write them down and I forget and then when I have the time to blog I sit here at the computer thinking “what the heck was I going to say?”

Anyway, my sister in law Shelly took some great photos of my dog when she was here last weekend and it reminded me that weeks ago, I wanted to do a post on her! So here you go… this is Fable.
Fable is approximately 4 years old. I wish I knew her birthday but we adopted her and there’s just no way to find those things out unless they were born at the shelter. At the time that we adopted her, I was working a few hours a week at the shelter and meanwhile keeping my eyes open for a dog to take home. One day this scrawny, meek, obviously abused, yet beautiful dog came in. She was nothing like I had ever seen before and as soon as I got home from work I phoned Travis to tell him about her. That night he came down to the shelter with me and we took her out for a walk. She was terrified of everything and we were really worried she just might be damaged beyond repair. We prevailed though and continued to take her out for an hour or two every evening and for the day on a couple of saturdays. Every time we saw her she got better and after a couple weeks we decided she was definately coming home with us. That was 3 years ago this month and she is most definately a member of the family now.

In case you care, Fable is an Australian Kelpie. We believe she is purebred but have no idea where she came from. How someone gave her up we have no idea!
I have to say I am very in favor of adopting dogs and cats. There are so many out there that need a good home and if you can find the right fit for your family, why not? Puppies may be cute, and often they are hard to find at shelters, but a dog who needs to be loved is just as cute, and well usually a lot less work!
We got Fable from the Estevan Humane Soceity but if you want to see some dogs up for adoption in your area check out The Humane Society of Canada to find a shelter in your area.

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  1. Shelly

    This story makes me tear up a bit. Just to think of how anyone could hurt a dog or animal in general… it’s just crazy. She’s so lucky to have been rescued and to find such a good home with you and Trav. Heaven knows she loves you guys!


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