where it all goes down…

Most of the things I blog about are done in two rooms in my house; the kitchen and my craft/sewing/guest room. We recently had a lot of guests coming and going during the week of my sister’s wedding so I did a good spring clean and took some pictures. Believe me, it doesn’t look this good all the time and to some of you I’m sure this is still a bit too cluttered, but hey, it’s me!

The Kitchen:

Okay the cupboard that has no door? Yah it’s been that way for well over a year now. Those cabinet doors are solid oak underneath all that paint so my husband took one of to see if he could strip the paint off enough to get it back to the original oak but sadly there are just too many coats of paint on them. We decided instead to paint them a dark brown until we get the time and money for Trav to build new ones. As you can see we still haven’t gotten around to the painting!

My Kitchen Aid mixer lives in the corner there as it gets used every day (sometimes even 2 or 3 times a day!). I love having pictures of friends and family on my fridge and because Kaed loves to pull them off often I just have them randomly thrown on there. No point in making it look all fancy when I’d have to redo it every day.

The backsplash and counter tops were redone by Travis almost 2 years ago now (where does the time go!!). The counter tops were a terrible arbrite before and the backsplash was just painted white so we did a major overhaul when Kaed was just a few months old. We then painted the walls that dark rusty red color. I love it.

Just a part of my heritage. The plate and “wooden shoes” are Delftware from Holland, both of them are from my parents. I also have some beautiful kitchen tiles painted the same way but I haven’t figured out how to hang them yet.

I realize the lighting in this picture is considered bad, but gosh this is my favorite part of my kitchen, the way the sun shines through a huge sliding glass door. It also happens to be my dogs favorite place to lay and a great place for the boys and I to just sit in the sun on those long winter days. This is my coffee and tea area. This corner used to be empty but my handy dandy husband once again saved the day by building me a cabinet and microwave hutch. It is now a very well used corner.

The Craft/Sewing/Guest Room:

We have this huge room in our basement that used to be used to store all our, well, junk to be honest. However, since we now have two kids who take up both of our rooms upstairs, we turned this one into a useful space.

This is my corner. The desk was also built by Travis when we first got married. It was supposed to just be a tide me over desk so it never got stained or finished off nicely which is actually perfect for me because I can spill on it or paint on it or anything and not have to worry about wrecking it. Funny how the things you build to be temporary always seem to stick around forever. The Lord of the Rings poster still has to get moved… Travis and I are both huge fans but it doesn’t exactly fit the mood of my craft corner!

I got this bright idea for storing all my embellishments. Canadian Tire had them on sale for $10 and I saw them in the flyer one day and thought it would be perfect. I even labeled a bunch of the drawers so it would be easier to keep organized.

That bulletin board was made for me by my sister in law Kara for Christmas. It’s my inspiration board and all the projects I want to make in the near future get put up there. I love it!

This is in the far corner, our “guest room” corner. There’s just a double bed there wedged against the wall. Not exactly high class hotel room but hey, at least it’s a bed! Notice the other Legolas poster in the top right corner? It’s actually a drawing that Trav’s sister made. Amazing hey? She did it all in pencil crayon. I’ll have to take a better picture one day and share it with you all because you really can’t see it in this pic. Oh and the book shelf on the right hand side was also built by Travis… I’m starting to think I should start another blog just about his handiwork… one of these days I’ll show you all the amazing traditional bows he’s made.

The craft corner for the boys. Trav just made this table for Kaed (and one day Brayer) to craft at while I’m busy with my stuff. I got the trucks border from my Mom and I think it looks great, Kaed LOVES it. He thinks it’s the best thing ever that there are trucks stuck to the wall.
Well there you go! Now you have seen where it all goes down….

2 thoughts on “where it all goes down…

  1. shelly

    I love how Brayer is sitting on the guest bed in that picture – I didn’t see him there in the small version! ha ha. Love the new apron too!

  2. Kara

    This is such a fun post! I had forgotten how much work you guys have done on your kitchen. And also how handy Travis is…. ha ha ha

    Everything looks great!


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