feeling nostalgic

We had to wipe and reload our computer recently, and while putting all my old pictures back on I found some of my trip to back home to Smithers, BC in September of 2007. My mom had hurt her back so my dad flew Kaed and I up to take care of her. It was such a good trip and I took a lot of good pictures of how beautiful it is where I grew up. I thought I’d share a few!

The view of the lake standing in my parents yard.

Kaed so little and sitting in the long grass in my parents back yard

Kaed is showing us where Smithers is on this map

A hike up to an old farm house on our neighbours farm showed us a Mama Bear and her 3 cubs… you can’t see the third in this pictures, but he was hiding behind the grass.

yes I am quite aware of how ridiculously adorable Kaed is.

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