on diaper duty

only this time I mean sewing diapers not changing them, although I’m doing that too. Yesterday I cut out all the peices for 25 diapers and 35 liners. Yeesh! My back is still aching but I’m itching to get back at it and finish them up.

I made one diaper from start to finish and liner yesterday and washed them to make sure I liked how they turned out and looked and felt and stuff and the actual diaper itself looks great but the liner practically fell apart. I had bought some new material called ZORB for these and apparently they need to be the inner part of the liner not the outer, so I now have to cut out flannel linings for the liners…. because I’m not sick of cutting stuff out yet! Oh well, it will be well worth it in the long run. I’m making all in one pocket diapers this time around and the lack of bulk and leakproofness (we’ll just pretend that’s a word) will be soo much better than the current cloth ones I am using.

I would show you some pictures of my work in progress so far, but it’s really not that interesting…

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