A Little Skirt for A Little Girl

It was Kaed’s little friends birthday almost a month ago already, but as her party landed on the same day as my nephews we weren’t able to attend. Today we were planning on meeting up with them for a trip to The Calgary Zoo so I had to quick pull together a birthday present. Thankfully I already had something in mind and the fabric already bought for it so last night I quite literally whipped up a skirt for her. It turned out great and so I showed it to my husband saying “see if we had a baby girl then I could practically make all her clothes in one night!” He responded by saying “if we have another boy we will already have all the clothes we need.” Oh how practical….

4 thoughts on “A Little Skirt for A Little Girl

  1. Shelly

    Ha ha, what would you expect Trav to say? I would love a niece too. Not that I wouldn’t love another nephew. But I do see a lot of cute girl’s clothes to buy…


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