done! done! done!

well sorta…. the diapers are all sewn up and finished. Except for the two that I messed up and have to fix yet. Then I also have to sew another 20 liners or so, but still, the diapers are done! Sorta.

I made a new handbag this weekend. It’s clutch size and turned out super cute I think. It’s a gift for someone special so hopefully they love it too. This was the first bag that I “designed” myself, the body of it is similar to the Buttercup Bag but I changed a few things and added the big bow. The fabric is left over from the dress I attempted to sew a couple months ago that didn’t turn out, the actual dress will be made into an apron soon.

Not feeling too well this morning, after a 4:30am wake up call from my youngest that ended up lasting until 7am. At that point the oldest was up too so I guess I’m in for a very long day.

4 thoughts on “done! done! done!

  1. Kara

    I’m tired for you. Hopefully those two hellions will take a tandem nap today so that you can lie down for a bit.

    But the bag looks great and good job on the diapers!

  2. Jenn

    Hey so i checked my diapers they do have another seam on them to help keep the fleece inside. I’ll try and make sure I have one in my diaper bag next time I see you.


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