Saskatoons and…. Head Smashing??

Last weekend we went camping with my sister and brother in law out near Fort Macleod, Alberta. We had beautiful weather and picked (and ate of course) buckets full of Saskatoon’s just inside our campsite.

We also spent a few hours at Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump. That place is definitely worth checking out! The history behind what all happened there is incredible.

The view from the top of the jump, the tepee’s you see in the background are basically rooms you can rent to experience what it would be like to live in a tepee. Pretty cool huh?

Kaed was a little disappointed that he wasn’t quite tall enough to see through the huge binoculars

Napi is supposedly the creator of the Blackfoot People. His story is pretty interesting, you can read a bit about it here

One of the tepees inside the museum.

There are a lot more pictures I could share with you, but maybe you should just check it out yourself!

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