home and unpacked…. sorta

little fingers grabbing freshly picked strawberries from my moms garden

We are home from holidays! We got in on Saturday evening and I’ve done a whole lot of nothing since. The house is still a disaster, 2 of the bags are still unpacked, and laundry is only about half done. A combination of very little sleep for 2.5 weeks and way too much sun has forced me to realize that I just need to rest for a couple of days! The boys are feeling the same way, not a whole lot of energy and lot’s of whining. I’m pretty sure they are having a hard time adjusting to having to entertain themselves again too.

some of the scenery on the drive from Calgary AB to Smithers BC

Our holidays consisted of 2 weeks in my home town camping in my parents 5th wheel trailer in their yard. A week into that trip, my friend Brandi and her husband and two little girls parked their trailer beside us. It was great! We had many trips to the beach (directly across the lake from where my parents live), a fantastic girls night out with a few other friends from highschool, swimming off the docks just down the street from my parents place, and a couple days Salmon fishing a couple hours away. Last wednesday we packed up with my parents and drove half way to Salmon Arm, BC where my grandparents and a couple of Aunts and Uncles live. The next morning we drove the rest of the way and proceeded to spend the next couple of nights in the same trailer, parked in the driveway of my grandparents/aunt and uncles drive way. (My aunt and uncle live in the upstairs of a house, my grandparents the basement). This little visit was great too. My Aunt is 20 years younger than my dad and happens to have a little guy the same age as Kaed. They had so much fun together, and played much better than Kaed does with pretty much any other kid. We spent one day at the beach on the Shushwap while we there and the rest of the time just relaxing and hanging out with everybody. It was a great visit. From there we came home, all extremely sick of driving and very ready to be home!

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