just some mending

Ever since we got home from vacation I haven’t had even a tingle of desire to do anything creative. That’s the problem with taking a long break I think. Anyway in order to try and get myself back into the sewing mode I thought I would tackle some patching and mending I needed to do.

I hemmed up one of the curtains from our tent trailer, then I got out all the pairs of shorts that Brayer has managed to scoot through. Now Brayer doesn’t crawl, or walk, he scoots everywhere on his bum. It’s amazing where he can get like that and how fast he can get there. We continually try to coax him to crawl or walk, but he’s stubborn. He likes his mode of transportation and nothing will convince him otherwise. The biggest problem with this bum scooting is that he can rip through a pair of shorts or pants in one day. Jeans or other thicker materials will sometimes last a few days, and if we only stay inside then they last for weeks, but who wants to be inside in the summer? Not me. So rather than buying him new shorts every week, I took all the old ones and patched them with double thick denim from an old pair of Travis’ jeans. They don’t exactly look pretty but hopefully it will do the trick for a while.

3 thoughts on “just some mending

  1. Jenn

    oh Hilda that’s so funny without really being funny! I guess if nothing else it’ll snow and then he can slide :) I think bum patches look so cute. The kids I babysat always had knee patches.


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