Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to the mountains we go….

I should be packing. We’ve been hopping from one place to another every single weekend, and while it’s great to get away as a family I am so sick of packing! This weekend we are heading out to the mountains to camp/hunt. Bow hunting season starts up there tomorrow and while I probably won’t get a chance to hunt, what there being little kids to take care of and such, at least Travis can get out for a few hours early morning and evening and still get to spend the majority of the day with us.

That’s one of the things we really hate about living in the city. No matter which way you go it’s at least an hour and half drive to get to somewhere we can hunt. That means that Travis has to leave the night before, sleep in the van, then spend all the mid day useless hunting hours sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. He usually gets home late at night and just like that the weekend is practically over. It’s worth it of course because he loves it, but it sucks for him to have to go so far and it really sucks that I can’t go along with him. This year my inlaws are coming up for a weekend to watch the boys so that Trav and I can go for a couple days together, so I’m looking forward to that since it’s been about 8 years since I’ve actually gotten to hunt something other than a gopher.

So anyway, I should be packing, but the littlest dude won’t nap, I’m tired and getting over a nasty cold, and like I said before I’m just sick of packing! (we won’t even start with how I feel about unpacking right now)

I shouldn’t complain though… summer is nearly over and then I’ll be dreaming about getting out of the city for a weekend. Seriously though, can you believe it? Summer is almost over? Sigh…

2 thoughts on “Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to the mountains we go….

  1. TingedWords

    sigh is right. WHY IS SUMMER ALMOST OVER?! I saw the pics you sent from the weekend though, looks like you had a good time. (I’m a little late commenting aren’t I!)


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