A New Bow

Trav finished a new bow a couple months ago already and I think it’s his favorite so far. He dyed a deep red color and it shoots really nice. He’s currently out hunting and although he’s using his compound this weekend, I know he really hopes to fill one of his tags so he’s able to take this new bow out next time. Basically the reason why he took his compound out first is that generally speaking compound bows are much more accurate, and depending on the draw weight, you can shoot from farther away. He didn’t want to risk not getting a deer this year by only using his wood bow.

Here’s a link to Primitive Archer, the site where Trav posts all his bows, and gets tons of his advice and ideas from for making bows, quivers, arrows, etc. Primitive Archer Online If you’re really interested in stuff, sign up to the message boards, that’s where all the good information is.

3 thoughts on “A New Bow

  1. Kara

    I looked at that link but i didn’t find anything posted by Travis. But does he enter the bow of the month thing? Because if he does let me know and I’ll go vote for him! One hundred times. ha ha ha :)


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