Oh My! Soup

It’s fall here, even if you can’t tell by our extremely odd still hot days. I’m getting anxious for some cooler weather so that I can use my oven more often, cook more soups, and well just not sweat all day long!

Yesterday happened to be a cooler day so I went searching for a blended soup recipe that would have some of the ingredients I already had. I didn’t have a ton of luck finding anything exact but I did use this recipe for the basis of the soup.

Here’s what I had from the garden I wanted to use:

I chopped it all up, onions, zucchini, potatoes, and carrots.

Put some butter in a big pot waited for it to melt then threw in the onions. a sprinkle of salt, and a pinch of crushed red peppers. Once that was mostly cooked I threw in the rest of the veggies and let them cook up for a few minutes, stirring quite frequently. I also added a bit of chopped garlic right at the end.

For the base I used 3 cups of water and 1.5 cubes of vegetable bullion, you could also use vegetable soup base or chicken stock I’m sure. I let this cook for about half an hour but you could probably get away with less time depending on how small you chopped your veggies. Then I poured it all into a blender, whirled it up, and poured it back into the pot. Just before I served it I added a half a cup of half and half cream and a bit more salt. Seriously, this soup is to die for!!

I would type the whole recipe out for you, but it seems to be pretty good for just adding what you have and as much as you have. For the whole recipe as I lightly followed go here to 101 Cookbooks

And once again I completely forgot to take a picture of the soup all finished and in a pretty bowl but take my word for it, it looks and tastes delicious.

3 thoughts on “Oh My! Soup

  1. Kara

    Oh Shelly, you’re so southern now! :)

    Looks good Hilda. If you’re looking for another thing to post someday, I’ve been meaning to ask you about the meal you made in May when I was there… was it vermicelli? Skinny noodles with veggies…. It was so good.


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