My neighbours mom brought over a big box of apples from her apple tree for us this weekend so I made up a bunch of applesauce! The boys LOVE it and I would too if I weren’t allergic to apples! Either way it was a good experience, I’ve never really made it before and I managed to get 9 very large jars made so I’m happy. I bought a hand food mill to make it with which made everything go much faster… no peeling, no coring!! I really love how the applesauce came out a nice pink color due to the very red peels, such a pretty color.

3 thoughts on “Applesauce

  1. Kara

    Hey! I want to make applesauce with some apples Kelly’s mom gave me but I don’t know how and I couldn’t find a good instructional online. Want to pass along some instructions? :) If you have time…if not no big deal.

  2. Hilda Siemens

    Sure! It’s super easy if you have a hand food mill….

    I just quatered the apples, put them in a big pot with a couple inches of water in the bottom (just enough so they don’t burn) then cooked them on medium heat for about 30 mins, or until they started falling apart. I tried cooking one batch a little less long and I had to re cook them b/c they wouldn’t go through the mill, so make sure they are soft.

    Once they are cooked, drain them and put a few scoops in the mill, turn it till they are all gone and do some more! The applesauce falls out of the bottom. Then I just put it in jars and froze them!

    Maybe I’ll do a tutorial post yet…


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