I successfully accomplished two of my sewing goals for the day! First I made this bag. I absolutely love it. The fabric is my favorite part, I even have enough left over for another one so I’ve got the itch to make one more.

(just a little sample of the inside fabric)

I also made up that bath mat I was talking about. For some reason though I didn’t think to make it to match my bathroom. Mostly because I had an exact towel and old pillowcase that I wanted to use for it. Oh well, it will be in our upstairs bathroom which doesn’t get used much by anyone but us so I don’t care. I have plans to make one that matches a little better yet but for now this one will do fine. I never did end up finding one of these mats on a blog somewhere although I’m sure I’ve seen them before but I just got Handmade Home out from the library and voila! there it was! I followed the pattern very loosely but it turned out pretty good. The best part? It didn’t cost a dime and I used materials that would have otherwise been tossed eventually.

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