Artisan Bread

I recently took Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day out from our local library and tried out some recipes. Everything in the book is so simple and easy and I loved being able to just cut some dough out of a container in my fridge and eating an hour or so later.

I definitely hope to purchase this book sometime in the near future and now that I check out the website I see that that there is a new book coming out too. Guess I’ll need to check that on out too.

Seriously though, how awesome is a library? I love that I can first check out a book I’m interested in and make sure it’s worth it to me to buy before I go and spend a ton of money on a book I didn’t really want. Our library has a great online holds system where you can just search for a book you want and put a hold on it. Then when it’s available it gets shipped to the library of your choice (we happen to have one 2 minutes from our house) for you to pick up. It’s amazing.

4 thoughts on “Artisan Bread

  1. Kara

    1. That bread looks amazing and i want to eat the whole loaf.

    2. I KNOW. I have always loved libraries and been sort of blown away by them. Everything’s free. I mean seriously…

    3. That bread looks amazing.

  2. shelly

    Wow that bread looks so good Hilda. Let’s make fresh bread every day in Herbert at Christmas!!

    I love libraries too. Though the one I went to here was a bit disappointing but I’m sure there are bigger ones I could go to.

  3. Jenn

    I’m so addicted to the library! People make fun of me at work for not buying my own books :) I find i always end up buying the good cookbooks and parenting books but ditto I need to know it’s good before I buy!

    That bread looks seriously awesome. I’ll need lots of bread to go with my ridiculous amount of beef. Does pioneer woman have lots of beef recipes? I have every cut imaginable…

  4. Andrea

    I love that book. I usually have a tub of the dough in the fridge. I can truly say it isn’t good for my diet though! I am tempted to make a loaf every day!


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