Getting Ready

We’ve been getting ready for Halloween the past 2 days. Nothing has been quite as productive as it might have been but I’ve been sick since Monday night so pretty much everything and everyone in our house has been getting minimal attention. I feel considerably better today so hopefully I can catch up a bit before it’s the weekend! Not only is it Halloween but Sunday also marks Travis’ birthday. Usually by now I have the costumes made, Trav’s cake planned if not baked already and generally everything ready. Definitely not there this year but oh well.

okay so this pic isn’t very clear but how cute is that smile?

Yesterday we made some crafts and did some decorating. I made a bat banner for the front window and we cut out some little ghosts to hang on another window. Thanks to a certain Backyardigans episode, Kaed has been a little obsessed with ghosts lately so ghosts are the theme this year.

The banner looks much better from the outside, the bats are actually black, but it’s cold outside and I didn’t feel like getting cold to get a different picture :)

Brayer is going to be a spider, and his costume is nearly done, Kaed will be a ghost so that costume shouldn’t take long to make either.

We also made some little ghost puppet things on popsicle sticks. I basically cut out 4 ghosts from white crafting foam and glued a popsicle stick between 2 matching ones. It’s amazing how long they entertained the boys for.

Kaed showing me his ghost puppet

What are your plans for Halloween?

One thought on “Getting Ready

  1. Shelly

    Aw, those costumes sound so cute, and I like your decorations and ghosts. Tell Kaed that Uncle John also wanted to be a ghost – ha ha! (He did.)

    I’m making some decorations too, and some snack baking. Hopefully I can get it all done for tomorrow.


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