(picture by Rosella Numan)

Kaed was once again Robin Hood for Halloween which made my life very easy. He’s very into shooting his bow and arrow lately so it was perfect for him.

I made Brayer a spider costume which was actually pretty easy too. I just took a bunch of Trav’s old socks and stuffed them with filling, then sewed them onto a makeshift belt. Then I hot glue gunned pompoms all over them. I made him up some tights basically and same thing, glued pompoms on them. For his hat I just took a toque that fit him and traced around it, cut it out, and sewed it together, again glueing on the pompoms. I think he looked pretty cute but I never did get a really good pic.

Both boys had a good time trick or treating, we went out with their cousin just around to the neighbours and in our culdosac. It was a good evening!

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