A Few Things

My computer was busted for a few days unfortunately but while that was broken UPS dropped this off for me:

My new baby! Wow I love this machine…. it’s a great sewing machine and it’s also an embroidery machine! I haven’t touched any of the embroidery stuff yet but I hope to tackle that after Christmas.

Today I got fed up with all my little spools of thread being stolen by the kids and played with so I quick made up a thread holder. It’s not great but it’ll do. I just took a piece of cork board I had, and a scrap piece of fabric and pinned it on. I didn’t trim the fabric or staple it or anything because I want to be able to use the fabric again if I so desire or so I can change the fabric up whenever I want. Then I took some regular pins and put them up and put the spools on them. I hung it high up on the wall so the kids can’t reach. Sorry for the poor quality pictures, it was in my basement where the lighting is terrible and I haven’t installed my photoshop yet since the computer has been fixed.

the back.

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