Back and Ready to Roll… I think!

So we’re back home from all our Christmas and New Years activities, the Christmas decorations are packed away for another year and we’re ready to get back into the swing of things. I think. I have very little motivation in the way of cooking and cleaning after getting to share those tasks with several other people for the last week and half. Hopefully that motivation kicks in again soon.

I’ll be sharing some Christmas presents I made and received over the next while so here’s the first! It’s a fishing set I made for Kaed. The fish have magnets in the tip of them and the fishing rod just has a little piece of metal on the end of the string so it picks them up. I also made a felt mat to lay them on, and can I just say how much this gift was a hit?? Kaed plays with every day and he still gets excited every time he catches a fish. I never did get a good picture of him playing with it as he tends to spend most of his time just in underwear these days, but here’s one shot I got with him with pants on!

I’m thinking I’ll have to get a tutorial in the works for this little project…

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  1. Brook Stableford

    This is truly inspiring. Barbara Kingsolver will be presenting writers’ workshops at the San Miguel Writers Conference in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico February 19-23 2010. I just signed up. It looks like a rare opportunity to meet her. Are you going?


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