Leafs Pillow

While browsing through different blogs during the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day I came across a great project on a blog called Sweet Limes. The project was a pillow with The Calgary Flames logo on it that she made for her brother in law. When I saw it I thought “awesome! I’m going to make one for my brother in law for Christmas!” Of course he happens to be a Toronto Maple Leafs Fan (and by fan I mean FAN) so I had to figure out how to go about making that logo instead. I emailed the author of Sweet Limes and asked her how she went about making hers and she gave me some great ideas! You can see her pillow here.
The pillow turned out pretty good especially considering it was my first pillow ever but it’s definitely not perfect. I also wasn’t able to put on the actually words Toronto Maple Leafs onto the logo but I’m pretty sure it still speaks for itself.

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