A New Rolling Pin

One of the gifts under the tree for me was this beautiful handmade rolling pin. Travis’ grandpa made it for me and I love it. It is incredibly smooth and I love love love that he made it himself from a tree in their old yard. He made one for each of his granddaughters and I’m not positive how many that is, but it’s a lot.

It never ceases to amaze me how much I treasure the gifts I receive that are handmade. They just mean so much more than something mass produced and not at all unique.

7 thoughts on “A New Rolling Pin

  1. Shelly

    I haven’t used mine yet, but I can’t wait. I plan on using it for pizza dough this weekend. Kara, how is that dough from PW? I like my pizza dough recipe so much I’m hesitant to try it, but it couldn’t hurt!

    I don’t know if he made it for just grandaughters, or wives of grandsons too, but just grandaughters alone is 12!

  2. Kara

    The dough was good. The instructions were to divide it in half and roll it out really thin and it was definitely a thin crust compared to what I’m used to. But Kelly and I both enjoyed it. Next time I might just leave it as one so that is a thicker crust.

    Hilda, you’ve made it right? Is it thin for you too or did mine not rise as much? I don’t have a mixer so i have to do it by hand so i never know.

  3. Hilda Siemens

    I kinda like that crust thin so I don’t mind it but it’s definately getting pretty close to not being able to do two pizzas with it. If I were to make 3 pizzas I would double it but use it all, I think that would be perfect!


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