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Last week I wanted to do about 2 posts a day and this week I haven’t even thought about blogging till now… I’m a little scatterbrained lately.

It’s really starting to hit me that there are just over 2 months left till baby #3 joins us and I haven’t gotten even remotely prepared. Brayer needs to go into a big boy bed and last weekend I went out to buy the same mattress for him we bought for Kaed but when I got home Trav told me I got the wrong one so it’s sitting in our stairwell waiting to be returned. I would have returned it this week, but how do you return a twin sized mattress when you’re pregnant and have 2 kids under 3 years old to “help” you out? Guess that return will be a family affair with daddy this weekend! (seriously how annoying is it that even if you have a JOINT credit card account with your husband he can’t return something that you bought with your card, it has to be returned on your card. It’s the same account!!!)
Anyway, the nursery is still a disaster, filled with boxes and garbage bags full of clothes that are either too big or too small for Kaed and Brayer. The once nursery dresser has been moved to the boys’ room so now we need a dresser/change table for the nursery. Although I think I’ve only ever used my change table maybe 10 times? I’m all about the changing baby on the floor in whatever room of the house is closest to where a clean diaper may be lying.
So in light of getting things ready (aka mentally preparing myself for being a mother of THREE) for the baby I started sewing a new diaper bag yesterday. So far it seems to be turning out great but I’ve already put a good 3 hours of work into it and I’m about half way I’m guessing so I’m really hoping to have one seriously nice diaper bag after this. Although, if you think about the ridiculously over inflated price of diaper bags in the store I could probably put 24 hours of labour into it and still have it be cheaper than one of those!
And just so this post isn’t void of photos, here’s a couple of my little dudes playing out in our lately beautiful weather! (please don’t go away warmness!)

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