Tricky Little Baby

Baby gave us a bit of a scare yesterday as he/she decided to stop moving for a few hours. I’m at the point now where if I don’t feel those 6 movements in 2 hours it’s off to the hospital to make sure everything is okay. This is especially important for me because both my other two pregnancies ended with me getting induced due to my placenta cutting out. Thankfully with the other two this didn’t happen until right at the end so both my boys were born at good sizes and not premature but I sure was scared that this baby would have to be delivered early when I went into the hospital yesterday. Thankfully though baby seems to be doing fine! As soon as they put the monitors on my belly for the non stress test, baby started to kick them off. Needless to say after not feeling baby move all day it was a very good feeling! The lack of movement could be because I’m just not getting enough calories right now. Between my last two appointments I ended up losing half a kilo when I should have gained at least 2 pounds so I’ve been put on a high calorie diet till my weight starts coming up again.

I figure there’s no better place to find deliciously high cal dinners than on Pioneer Woman, so I’m off to scour some recipes before heading to the grocery store!
Seriously though, I can’t wait to add a new teeny tiny baby to the family considering my boys are all grown up and ready for college already…

photos by Shelly McGown

2 thoughts on “Tricky Little Baby

  1. Jenn

    oh boy, i went to the doctor yesterday and i put on a good 9lbs in the past month. I wasn’t too suprised cuz I have been weighing myself at home and I ate like a MANIAC over the holidays :) Hope all goes well with the rest of your pregnancy and have fun eating all those yummy calories!

  2. Kara

    I hope my little fishy nephew or niece is kicking around and doing backflips!!

    And I would like you to take this excuse to eat high calorie foods and milk it, for all women kind who only wish that was the diet they were instructed to have! ha ha


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