Minor Improvements

I’ve been nesting the last couple of weeks and the results have been great. I keep finding new areas that need to be reorganized so to keep from burning myself out I’ve been doing one small project a day, if I feel up to it. This was my most recent project. This area used to just be open on the bottom and it drove me crazy because it was a major dust collector and I could never store anything under there because it just looked messy. So I made some curtains! At first I put the boys’ board games and puzzles in behind the curtains but after they decided to take all 4 games out at once and dump them on the floor I realized they needed to go back up high to be only played with supervised. That’s what’s in the yellow crate. One of these days I’ll get something that looks a little nicer but for now it will do. Under the curtains now are our extra stools and the recycling bin. Works great and I love how it looks!

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