Off The Hook

Remember these that I loved so much?

Well guess who got a pair in the mail yesterday? Yup, me! My two awesome sisters in law and brother in law ordered them for me for my birthday and sent them! I was so excited when I saw the return address on the envelope because I recognized the etsy shop name right away.
Seriously though, these gloves are amazing! They are soooo soft and comfy and they fit me perfectly. I have yet to venture out of the house today but when I do they will be worn!
You can check out more gloves like these and lots of other amazing things in the Off The Hook shop.

3 thoughts on “Off The Hook

  1. Larissa

    Hey, Hilda, what a great blog. I really love the needle books and the fabric for the diaper bags is so great! I emailed you the BBB pattern you chose from the giveaway. Thought I’d let you know via your blog too just in case something goes awry with the mail. Have a super day, enjoy the pattern.


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