What I’ve Been Up To

I wish I could say I’ve been really crafty and productive lately but that would definitely be a lie. All I have been doing lately is laundry. Okay not only laundry but it certainly feels that way. I’ve been getting all the baby clothes, blankets, and diapers washed up and ready for the new baby and the end is finally in sight. The hardest part I think is keeping up with the regular amount of laundry while doing the new stuff. I am trying really hard to not think about the fact that soon this amount of the laundry will be the norm!!

I’ve also been cooking up a lot of freezer meals and muffins and stuff so I don’t have to worry too much about food. My mom is also here helping me out right now so that’s amazing! She made up a huge batch of soup for the freezer yesterday and it’s my favorite so I’m extra happy about that.

The last thing I’ve been doing is drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea. I’m ready to have this baby.

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