More Booties

Some little booties I made for Ara, she’s outgrown the fleece ones already! These ones are made from some mens suiting material and are therefore cooler than the polar fleece I made the others with. I also made these a bit narrower and taller, they look really cute on but are a bit difficult to get on her chubby ankles.

I made these for a baby gift. They are a bigger size, for about a 1 year old or so and so I added the non slip sole to them. I think it actually looks pretty cute. They are for a baby not yet born so I don’t know if they are for a boy or a girl, thus the brown buttons. I figured that was pretty gender neutral! I am also guessing that now the mama to be knows what she’s getting for a baby gift, but oh well :)

5 thoughts on “More Booties

  1. Kara

    Oh my. Those are both adorable.

    I think i need to fly back to Calgary so that i can see them on Ara or my life will never be complete.


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