New Bags!

June marks the start of a few weddings in our circle of friends and family and although we can’t make it to all them we will be going to two in the same weekend next month.  I’ve obviously been there and done that when it comes to a wedding and when I “did that” I wasn’t sewing much at all so it never even occurred to me to make myself a wedding inspired handbag.  So I decided I would just make up some wedding inspired bags for my shop!  Obviously you could use these bags for so many things besides a wedding but weddings just happen to be what inspired the creamy color of these two.

I haven’t listed this one in the shop yet because I can’t decide if it needs a button or two or something on the front.  Any ideas?

6 thoughts on “New Bags!

  1. Anonymous

    a moveable vintage sparkle broachy-type pin maybe?
    It does need a little something..but it is a lovely bag… mmmm maybe one of those feathery flowery pin? something you can change to suite your occasion it is a classy little bag

  2. Miriam

    I’m thinking it would look a little dressed up but still simple and classy with a narrow beaded border going around the top band – top, bottom or in the middle of the band. But not being much of a seamstress myself, I’m not sure how difficult that would be to put on. Lovely bag, though!


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