Buttercup Bags

I’ve been sewing on a more regular basis for about a year and a half now and in the last year I’ve really started to get into the sewing of bags.  I’ve done a couple of my own designs but I always come back to the Buttercup Bag pattern by Made by Rae.  I love how it comes together and how it always turns out so good.  I noticed today that my stock for my shop is getting to be a pretty good stack and that got me thinking about all the Buttercup Bags I’ve made in the last year so I went back and grabbed all the pictures I have to share with you.  Some of the pics aren’t great because I took them quickly and not for selling so I apologize, but here’s my collection of Buttercup Bags!

6 thoughts on “Buttercup Bags

  1. Witt Happens

    I can see why you go back to this one, it is compct and can add that splash of color/fun to any outfit.
    I love the solid band with the printed body, good fabric choices and well done!

  2. Dini

    please share tutorials for these bags, please..they are so cute and your place is too far from my country..couldn’t afford them.


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