The Shelly Bag

Well I did it… I made a bag for myself!  It’s been a while but wow do I love it.  It was actually a trial run for a custom one I’m doing for my sister in law. (thus the name of the bag… The Shelly Bag)  She showed me a few pics of bags she liked and I just went from there!   This was my first time just looking at a bag and then trying to sort of reproduce it on my own.  Making the pattern was a bit tough but it worked!  I’m pretty happy about the whole thing and it was really fun to make something totally my own rather than just reproducing the same bag over and over again.  Don’t worry I have a feeling there will be a lot of bags in this style in my shop in the near future :)

and once again blogger is being ridiculous and flipping this picture on it’s side… sorry!

5 thoughts on “The Shelly Bag

  1. Witt Happens

    Well done the bag is beautiful and well deserved! Isn’t it the way the shoe-makers kids always need shoes! Enjoy the beg–it is the best publicity ever!

  2. Shelly M

    It looks so awesome. I’m extremely excited to see mine in a week. I’m also super impressed that you made the pattern just by looking at a bag online. You are one talented lady.

  3. Andrea

    Very nice bag! Creating a pattern from just looking at a piece is very impressive. You really know what you’re doing…excellent work!


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